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  Tuesday 20/07/2019 – Artist: Shangralas Track: 17   Reflective coming of age lyrics along with clear Manchester influences combine to make a down to earth but equally bold tune by Shangralas. The four piece, originally from Bolton, hold many of the stylistic values of Manchester icons; parkers, sunglasses and messy mop, but what makes … Continued
Monday 19.08.2019 – Artist: Larkins Track: Wallflower   The B side to Larkins monumental single ‘Sugar Sweet’, ‘Wallflower’ sees the band take a conscious move away from the heavy beats of their recent few tracks and a move towards an exciting new kind of experimentation. Gentle falsetto lyrics combined with experimental reverb create a song … Continued
    Photo Credit: Dominic Walsh Instagram – dominiccwalsh Facebook – @dtwmedia