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Giant Rooks Tom’s Diner Sat 06/07/2019 Artist: Giant Rooks and Annenmaykantereit Track: Tom’s Diner (cover Suzanne Vega) This cover sees a perfect collaboration between two German talents. It brings together Giant Rooks, a five piece indie band, and Annenmaykantereit, a Cologne-based rock band. Thanks to this, we get a refreshing take on Suzanne Vega’s original … Continued
Saytr Play Cotton Clouds Festival Review A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of getting to catch Manchester’s Saytr Play for the 20th time at Cotton Clouds festival. And I can officially say this was one of my favourite shows from the boys.    Kicking off the set with Don’t Go East, a … Continued
Kashmere Lucid Fri 05/07/2019 Artist: Kashmere Track: Lucid The final track from their E.P of the same name, Kashmere drop their single ‘Lucid’.  It sees the Stockport band bridge the gap between their previously explored upbeat elements and a more introverted offering.  The outcome is a track which seems more personal, yet without losing their … Continued