Giant Rooks Tom’s Diner

Sat 06/07/2019

Artist: Giant Rooks and Annenmaykantereit

Track: Tom’s Diner (cover Suzanne Vega)

This cover sees a perfect collaboration between two German talents. It brings together Giant Rooks, a five piece indie band, and Annenmaykantereit, a Cologne-based rock band.

Thanks to this, we get a refreshing take on Suzanne Vega’s original version, made their own thanks to the equally experimental video which perfectly captures the personalities and chemistry between both bands.

Their live shows a testament to the band’s chemistry and rich musicality. As a result, German arena act Giant Rooks are slowly breaking through the mould of the British music scene.

They play big name such as Y-Not and Kendal Calling this summer, and follow that with dates in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London.

Catch Giant Rooks play London at The Garage! 

Listen to Annenmaykantereit and Giant Rooks – Tom’s Diner on Spotify below.